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Spoilers about: hiei and yukina

Spoiler Involves:hiei and yukina

Spoiler Details:the reason hiei wont tell yukina that he is her brother is because when hiei was born his village rejected him because he was a demon. so this lady threw him of a cliff. these other people found hiei and trained him to be more like themselves. and eventually hiei grew up with them. as hiei grew up he found out that he had a sister so he went to this guy that gave him his third eye which was extremely painful. but the guy who gave hiei his third eye said that he will only give hiei the eye if he will never tell yukina that he was her brother or he will kill hiei. of course hiei did not tell cuz the guy who gave hiei his third eye also taught him how to fight and he was stronger than hiei. if u have any more questions email me at

Submitted by Victoria

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