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Spoilers about: Hiei\'s Past

Spoiler Involves:Hiei\'s Past

Spoiler Details:Hiei is half fire demon and half ice demon, wierd mix, ne? The ice demons had these cruel rules, fire and ice can never come together, all born ice demons must be female, and no twins. Hiei\'s mother,well,uh...met a fire demon and the outcome was Hiei the fire demon and his twin sister Ukina. The ice demons hated and feared Hiei so they ordered he be killed. Hiei\'s mothers best friend tried to save him only to succeed in tossing him over the floating island of the ice demons. Hiei was taken in by a band of demon theives who booted him out at age 5 because of his increadible power (which is why the ice demons got rid of him). He eventually got the Jagan so he could find the ice demons and learn about his past (oh, i forgot, Hiei\'s mom gave him a tear gem at birth, the only way he knew his past had somthing to do with the ice demons). he found the women who threw him over and she recognized him as the "Forbidin Child" and told him about his past and his sis. Turn out that the ice demons almost all died out (they could have used Hiei\'s power to protect them) and so Hiei leaves to see if his sister is still alive

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