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PRODUCT: Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles - #1: "Yusuke Lost, Yusuke Found" DVD

Product Type:DVD

Product Description:

Surprised To Be Dead Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is having a typical day. He\'s cutting class at school, having arguments with his teachers, and getting into fistfights with his rival Kuwabara. Hey - when you\'re the toughest kid in town, you have a reputation to maintain! But then Yusuke does something that betrays his killer rep. He dives in front of a speeding car to push a little boy out of harm\'s way! Yusuke makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of another, but is it really time for this brash young man\'s life to come to an end?

Koenma Appears Pulled by the sprightly, pink-robed Botan, Yusuke enters the realm of the Spirits. There, Yusuke meets Koenma, a 700 year-old ruler with the body of a toddler, pacifier and all! But there\'s no room for laughs, as Koenma gives Yusuke an ordeal to restore his life. Hatching a Spirit Beast!

Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men Kuwabara was tormented by his rival\'s death. The loser in all 156 of his brawls against Yusuke, he\'s now lost any chance he ever had of evening the score! But with Yusuke out of the way, Kuwabara is the new kid to beat, which means he\'s making plenty of enemies. Yusuke isn\'t fond of this classmate, but if he wants to win back his life, he\'ll need to give him a ghostly hand.

Requirements for Lovers Spirit World forgot an important question - does anyone want Yusuke back? Koenma sends an Investigator to find out, and Yusuke\'s friends answer quickly when a fire threatens to char his earthly body. But will Yusuke give up the Spirit Beast, his one chance of reviving, to rescue his friends?

-Approx. 95 minutes

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