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Yu Yu Hakusho Series Information

Japanese NameYu Yu Hakusho
English NameYu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Detectives)
Japanese Release DatesOctober 10, 1992-January 7, 1995
North American Release Dates2003 -
Number of Episodes112
Animation StudioStudio Pierrot
BroadcasterFuji TV
Series DirectorAkiyuki Arafusa
Series AuthorYoshihiro Togashi
Japanese Voice Actors
Series GenreAdventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
CharactersHiei, Kuwabara, Kurama, Yusuke
DescriptionYusuke Urameshi was an average delinquent. He skipped school, got in fights, and disrespected authority on a regular basis. The one day, he dived in front of a car to protect a small boy, dying in the process. Because of this noble act, he was given another chance to live by Koenma, Lord of the Spirit World. On his return to the living, Koenma recruites him to become Spirit Detective. This involved tracking down and defeating disruptive demons and humans who might threaten the Human World or the Spirit World using his new abilities. Yusuke, with the aid of three comrades, Kazuma Kuwabara, Jaganshi Hiei, and Suichii Kurama, defeats the demon Rando, the Four Saint Beasts, and seemingly the Toguro Brothers. But Toguro had faked defeat at the order of his client, and forced Yusuke to compete in the Dark Tournament, a competition between demons. After assembling a team of fighters, Yusuke enters the tournament. He and his team defeat Team Rokoyukai, the Dr. Ichigaki Team, Team Masho, Team Uratogi, and finally Team Toguro. After the Tournament, Yusuke and Co. fight to stop a portal forming between the Human World and the Demon World. Yusuke defeats the man who had created the portal, dies again, but is reborn as a demon because of his demon ancestry. Afterwards, he travels to the Demon World to meet his demon ancestor, Raizen, one of the three Demon Lords. In order to solve a war in the Demon World, Yusuke proposes a huge tourament, which he eventually loses.

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