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Yu Yu Hakusho Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

FAQ Question
  • What exactly does YYH stand for?
  • How old is Yuskue?
  • How old is Keiko/Kayko?
  • How old is Hiei?
  • How old is Kurama?
  • How old is Botan?
  • How old is Atsuko(Yuskue\'s mom)?
  • How many episodes is YYH?
  • Who published YYH in America?
  • Who created YYH?
  • When was YYH released?
  • YYH was originally made under which studio?
  • Who directed the making of YYH?
  • What exactly is a Spirit Detective?
  • Why do we never get to see Keiko\'s/Kayko\'s parents?
  • Is it true that Yuskue and Keiko/Kayko grew up together?
  • What is the Spirit Gun and what does it do?
  • What is the Shotgun and what does it do?
  • Has Yuskue ever killed anyone?
  • Yuskue Vs. Keiko/Kayko, who would win?
  • What happens in the end?
  • What\'s the relationship between Yuskue and Keiko/Kayko?
  • What\'s the relationship between Yuskue and Botan?
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