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Episode 86 - The Difference Maker Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 86 - The Difference Maker. Written by Andrew White
The fight between Yusuke and Sensui continues as Sensui gets out of the lake without his shirt, showing the scars he gave himself as part of his traing. Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and Seaman are cheering Yusuke on as Itsuki watches without saying a word. Sensui creates a group of little energy balls around him and they all fuse into one big ball of energy. Sensui kicks it and unleashes millions of energy blasts at Yuskue. The attack is called "Splinter Resshuuken". Yusuke dodges a few but is bombarded by the rest. Since the attack comes from all angles, Yusuke couldn't defend, explains Sensui. Koenma is still on his way to take out his pacifier if needed to. Sensui fires another splinter resshuuken and Yusuke is bombed again. Sensui explains that their power levels are too far apart and Yusuke can't win. Sensui fires a third attack but Yusuke punches through it and starts to rapidly punch him, but Sensui blocks. Yusuke says that he will win because he's just better than Sensui. Yusuke jumps in the lake under the portal and swims, confusing everyone. He jumps out and runs toward Sensui. He rips off his shirt and whips it around both his left arm and Sensui's left arm, preventing his blocking. Yusuke starts to punch him and while Yusuke is about to finish him off to the gang's surprise and Itsuki's delight, Sensui's right arm turns into the barrel of the gun and shoots Yusuke's side. Yusuke flies to the ground, ripping the shirt, and rives in pain since there is a hole from the bullet. Sensui's voice has cahnged because he has been replaced by his toughest and coldest personality: Kazuya. Itsuki explains that Sensui created 7 personalities to cope with his madness. Kazuya shoots Yusuke's arms and legs, saying that he will lose because he hasn't gone insane like him yet. Before Kazuya can kill Yusuke, Koenma appears and tell him to stop, saving Yusuke for the moment. The episode ends with one question: with the portal to demon world about to open in less than 10 minutes, can the effect of Koenma's pacifier stop Kazuya?

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