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Episode 84 - Kurama's Anger, Gourmet's Guest Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 84 - Kurama's Anger, Gourmet's Guest. Written by JB5000
Yusuke's team travels though the tunnel til they reach Sensui's lair. Sensui is sitting on a chair watching a movie when he said"This ends in 30 min. and then it ends with a nice song, I have time the song to start when the tunnel opens." Then he tells Gourmet to come over. Sensui tells yusuke's team to kill Gourmet or he will use kuabara as an shield. Then Gourmet starts reading their minds so Kurama cuts off the top of gourmets head. Then elder tugero head comes out and said that he can never die. Kurama uses a smoke screen and when the smoke screen disappers tugero is hooked up to a tree with vines in his head. Kurama tells everyone about the tree called the sinning tree and that it puts evil images in the persons mind until it kills them and since tugero can't die he will suffer for ever. Then kurama said that he deserves to be damed.

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