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Episode 7 - Gouki and Kurama Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 7 - Gouki and Kurama. Written by Aoshi Mimiru Pyro
After defeating the first two demons and retrienving the artifacts, Yuske must battle the hardest and toughest demons of all, hiei. Hiei is the best swordsman the universe has ever seen. He has a third eye call the Gigon eye. it allows him to see thing normal people and demons can\'t see. He can also control weaker demons and humans minds as he wishes. Hiei captures Kayko, the girl Yuske cares for the most, as a trap in order to get Yuske to give him the other artifacts. He then turns Kayko into a demons mind slave thing. All I can tell you is that this will be an exciting episode. How will Yuske defeat this demon? I guess you\'ll just have to keep watching to find out! Right here on Yu Yu Hakusho!

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