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Episode 59 - The Shadow of Elder Toguro Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 59 - The Shadow of Elder Toguro. Written by bb
With hiei hybernating and the ring destroyed, Yuske and the team take a break as Kuwabara wanders how his fight with elder Toguro will end.Six hours pass and Toguro carries the ring of the old stadium to the new one, as elder Toguro and Kuwabara step up to fight Kuwabara ignites his trial sword making him much stronger and he slices elder Toguro in half but soon realizes that toguro can move his vital organs wherever he pleases then kuwabara comes to realize genkais death thanks to toguro making kuwabara infuriated and attacking elder toguro without his sword but learns again that toguros not so easily defeated as toguro takes his turn swinging kuwabara around with only his fingers.

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