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Episode 54 - The Beginning of the End Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 54 - The Beginning of the End. Written by ShinYoukai
Before, Yusuke was beaten by Togoru. Meanwhile, Yusuke is trying to get over Genkai\'s death. he sits before a cage and mopes around with Koenma and Botan before him. While Yusuke is moping, Suzuka makes an appearance and gives Kurama and Kuwabara special items. Kurama gets a special drink that will turn him into Youko and Kuwabara gets Shishi\'s sword handle. It geneerates spirit energy into about anything that suits the holder. Hiei is out training. At the end, YUsuke learns to get over his grief and shoots an amazingly powerful spirit energy skywards. Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara appear. *Funny scene* Hiei steps from behind the cliff. Kuwabara: What happened to your arm? Hiei: I punished it because it would\'t work right.(HIs arm was damaged by him because it wouldn\'t \'obey\' him. Kurama appearsa fter in a silver energy.

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