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Episode 5 - Yusuke?s Back Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Yusuke?s Back. Written by AAH
The fabeled return of Yusuke. In this ep. Yusuke returns from his death with the help of Koenma and a kiss from Kayko. This episode begins with Yusuke awakening from his death(end of last episode). Yusuke wanderes around the town when he meets a fprtume teller.The fortune teller (Botan)tells him that he has a greater destiny. But Yusuke says that he has other things to do and walks off.Yusuke walks to a local resterant where he gets a table and reads a Magizne. However in this resterant there are thugs from another highschool who are bossing Kwabara and his freinds around. They told him to steal some comics but instead he bought them tring to fake that he stole them.But stupid Kwabara left the recipt in the bag.It turns out that the kids from the other highschool stole Kwabara\'s kitten. So the confrontation gets ouside where they tell Kwabara to hit his freinds.He refuses and they say they will kill his kitten.Thats when Yusuke appears ready to fight.A big battle ensues and the gang leader tries to run away. Yusuke chases him and hits him knocking him out.Then a light comes out of his mouth,and Yusuke catches him. What he catches is explained to him to be a demon by the fortune teller who reveals herself to be Botan.Koenma appears as a big head in the sky and tells Yusuke he will be a "spirit detective".Then Botan flies away with the demon.

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Yusuke?s Back. Written by BOTAN:-)
Yusuke was thrilled to find out that he will come back to life after all, even though he doesn\'t have the egg anymore. Koenma told him that he can, and all he should do is wait for the right time. During one of the times Yusuke got impatient, Koenma overheard him complaining to Botan about his being a slowpoke, and had said something to defend himself. Yusuke was about to retort something back, but Botan immediately came to the rescue, covering Yusuke\'s mouth with her hand to shut him off. Koenma was finally allowed to speak, and he told Yusuke that all he had to do was wait for his the passage in his boy to open. This passage acts as the path where the spirit\'s ki will flow into his sleeping body. Koenma told him that it will take place tomorrow. They went to their new apartment, where all three of them gazed on Yusuke\'s body. There, he learned that to be alive once again, he needs the energy of a human being. The energy will be transferred to him thru his mouth, and it must be from any of the three people that were waiting for him to come back. That left him three people: Atsuko, Keiko and Kuwabara. For them to be aware of his condition, he must tell it to them in their dreams, and whoever interprets it correctly will bring him back to life in less than 24 hours. His time started when Koenma\'s pocket watch hit 12:00 midnight. If they failed, Yusuke will be forced to face a 50-year wait before his chance to live comes again. Realizing that Atsuko was one of the person\'s who he can talk to, he immediately floated to the next room to see how she is doing. Unfortunately, Atsuko was being attacked by her habits of drinking, and had ran out of supply at that time. She sets off to buy more alcohol, and being her son, he knew that it will take a long time, longer than 24 hours before she comes back home. She leaves in a flourish and told Yusuke to go watch the house while she\'s gone. Yusuke decided to approach the second person he thought of---Kuwabara. That night, Kuwabara woke up screaming at the top of his lungs. He had a nightmare, he claims and that nightmare consisted of him and Yusuke sharing a kiss---a kiss that will bring him back to life. It was obvious to Yusuke that Kuwabara would rather die than kiss him, so he told Keiko about it next. Keiko must\'ve understood because the next morning, she watched over Yusuke before she went to school. She was thinking about her dream and what it meant while she gazed on Yusuke\'s body. Her eyes shifted to his lips, and she blushed when she realized what her gaze meant. Hurriedly, she left the house, claiming that she will be late for school. Kuwabara wasn\'t present in Keiko\'s Biology class, so she didn\'t have a chance to talk to someone about her dream. In the middle of class, a teacher, the one who wanted to help Yusuke before he died, appeared in the room and asked for Keiko Yukimura. He told her that her mother was ill and she was brought in the hospital. When Keiko arrived there, she learned that her mother was over-fatigued and had felt some chills. The doctor claimed that all she needs is that day\'s rest, and the next day, she will be back in fine shape. Her father told her to go home, but Keiko refused. She wanted to be with her mother at all times. Yusuke knew that she will never leave her mother, and so, he desperately went in search of Kuwabara. Together with Botan, they found him in an arcade, playing a car race. Yusuke begged for him to kiss him back to life, but since he is a spirit, Kuwabara heard no one. This annoyed Yusuke and socked him neatly on the jaw. At least, that\'s what would\'ve happened if Yusuke had a body. He didn\'t have one. His fist passed through Kuwabara and in an instant, he experienced major chills, and dashed away from the arcade. Yusuke felt hopeless. He went back to the hospital, and was reminded by Koenma that all he had were 15 minutes left. It was already 11:45 in the evening, and Keiko, Yusuke\'s only hope, made no move to leave her mother. Botan, who wanted to help Yusuke, devised a plan to get Keiko out of the hospital. She used Keiko\'s mother to relay the message to Keiko. Her mother uttered words that meant that Keiko had to go to Yusuke\'s in order to bring him back to life. Kiss him on the lips, before it\'s too late. Hearing this, Keiko frantically dashed to Yusuke\'s place. She had 3 minutes left when she decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator towards Yusuke\'s apartment. She lost her keys when it\'s about 2 minutes before midnight, and found them a minute later. The grandfather clock was already at it\'s third chime when Keiko removed her shoes. She stared at Yusuke\'s body for a few seconds, before realizing that he was glowing, and her dream was correct. Without any hesitation, she threw herself to him, and kissed him. A few seconds had passed, and Koenma thought she was too late. Botan noticed that Yusuke was missing, but was too shocked to say anything. Keiko sobbed on Yusuke\'s bedside, saying that he should come back. She had no idea if it was too late to revive Yusuke and didn\'t notice when he fluttered his eyelashes twice. After blinking, he sat up, and Keiko finally noticed. After a smooth greeting from him, Keiko burst into tears, and threw herself on his bed, wrapping her arms tightly on his waist. The next day, Yusuke walked around the streets of Japan, glad that he was finally back on existence. He was so cheerful that when two thugs approached him for his money, he gasped out loud---glad that they can see him---and walked off, not giving them a second thought. One of the thugs was annoyed at Yusuke\'s behavior and was about to punch Yusuke\'s back when his companion stopped him. He said that Yusuke might have some mental problems, and that guys like that should be left alone. He hadn\'t walked further when he heard someone calling his attention. It was a gypsy, and she wanted to have a look of his future. She stared at her crystal ball, and told Yusuke that he has a strange fate, and soon, there will be missions that he will have to work on. Instead of taking things seriously, Yusuke just waved his hand and walked off, saying that he doesn\'t have any interest on mysteries and supernatural objects. He went straight into a coffee shop and overheard a group of students who were leaving that there were some guys inside from the other school who were out to get Kuwabara in trouble. Curious, Yusuke went inside, and ordered himself a steaming drink. He was seated comfortably on one side of the shop where he can listen and observe the group without drawing attention to himself. From there, he identified the leader of the group behind his black shades. In an instant, the leader, who was maroon-haired and wore glasses had horns to Yusuke\'s eyes. He dodged the thought away, thinking it was just his imagination. He overheard the group talking about Kuwabara, how the leader controls Kuwabara and now, they were waiting for him to bring to him the comics that he asked him to steal from a shop. Yusuke couldn\'t believe what he was hearing for he knew that Kuwabara was a good guy and he would never do anything like that. The bells on the door tinkled, and in came Kuwabara and his friends. Kuwabara dumped the comics on the table and brusquely demanded for Chichi, his cat whom the group had kidnapped (catnapped?). The leader picked up the receipt and told him that he didn\'t approve of the way Kuwabara did his orders. He clearly stated that he wanted him to steal the comics, and that he shouldn\'t have bought them. Therefore, he wouldn\'t return Chichi to him. Kuwabara was annoyed about it and said that they don\'t have to care if he bought them or stole them. All he wanted was to have his cat back to his care, and for that to happen, he had to beat his friends up, and stop when the leader says so. Kuwabara felt helpless, until Yusuke jumped out of nowhere, socked the person who holds the cat, and holds the cat tightly. They all wondered who it was and were surprised to see that it was Yusuke. Kuwabara and his friends were not surprised, and were actually glad that Yusuke distracted the others. They fought the other guys, and Yusuke left to chase the leader with horns, since he was annoyed that he was escaping and that he was leaving his friends to face the trouble that they all had gotten themselves into. He caught up with him when he stumbled under a tunnel. Yusuke gave him a strong punch, and knocked him own within seconds. From the leader\'s open mouth, a small youkai appeared. Yusuke caught it after he had seen it from the corner of his eye. The youkai was surprised since an ordinary couldn\'t see him. He was even more surprised when he found out that Yusuke can hear him. Since Yusuke didn\'t know what creature it was, he held on tight. He was approached by the gypsy that he had seen earlier, and she said again about his strange fate and his missions. Yusuke couldn\'t figure out who it was, for she was wearing a hood. When she removed it, he found out that it was Botan, and she took the youkai who allegedly had 5 cases waiting for him back in Rei kai. Koenma\'s voice appeared from nowhere and told Yusuke that his strange fate is taking place, and missions such as capturing the youkai will come soon. It was up to Botan to let him know when and what those missions are. The strange fate of the person who died saving a boy from a car has just begun. Yusuke Urameshi is now officially a Rei kai tantei (Spirit Detective).

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Yusuke?s Back. Written by Aoshi Mimiru Pyro
After throwing the spirit beast into the fire to save Keiko, Yuske has no way of returning to the world of the living. Or so he thinks. Koenma has been watching the entire time. He saw what Yuske did and tells him he will give him one last chance. If Yuske can get someone who really wants him back to donate there spirit energy (or kiss him) then he will be able to come back to life. Yuske\'s three choices of people are Kuwabara, his mother, and of corse Keiko. His mother went out drinking and never came home. And do u really think that Yuske would want to kiss Kuwabara? No way! So Keiko is his last hope. Unfortunatly, Keikos mother was sent to the hospital. Luckily, Botan goes and transfers the message through her mother since she was asleep, she was tuned in to the spirit world. Now it\'s just a race against time. Keiko finally makes it to Yuske\'s house and kisses him with only seconds to spare. Now that Yuske is back in action, he goes to check out if a rumor he heard was true. Kuwabara is taking orders from someone?! Yuske and the new guy that has Kuwabara wraped around his finger end up fighting. A tiny monster crawls up out of the guys mouth and Yuske easily captures the small demon. Koenma and Boton appear and tell Yuske that he is the new spirit detective. In return, Yuske will get cool new powers.

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