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Episode 48 - The Cape of No Return Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 48 - The Cape of No Return. Written by Roshad
That guy with the lond name transforms again with the (armor of the wolf). Hiei still kills him by using the sword of the darkness flame. Yusuke is still taking his test with planty of pain. Kayko and the others are lost and can\'t find the stadium. Next Karama is put against uraurishama real short dude. Now this really hhad me fooled this guy tells Karama to kill him because tellapathically because he doesn\'t really want to fight. He says the two fighters that Hiei killed were just his friends and that Shishi Wakamaru was going to kill his grandmother if he didn\'t fight. He says that by watching his two friends die he realizes death if the only way out (tears come in his eyes). Karama says he will fake his death to but he won\'t kill him. So Karama tries to make it look good but all of a sudden the kid betrays him and injures Karama. It was all just an act to get him of guard. Then the kid makes a barrier so Karama can\'t escape. Next he pulls out the indune boxe its air causes Karama to turn back into a little kid or younger, in fact Karama turns so young thet he dissapeers completly. But there one catch suddenly Karama\'s energy is sky rocketing. Some kind of doom music comes on then A shadow appears Karama\'s shadow except he looks different. Karama tells the kid that his plan has back fired horribly. Karama was a demon before he he human and he was rumared to be the strongest and most deadly in the world therefor Karama who is noe Yoko Karama thanks Ura for giving him his strenth back. By the way Ura looks like he\'s about to wet his pants in fear.

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