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Episode 47 - Legendary Bandit Yoko Kurama Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 47 - Legendary Bandit Yoko Kurama. Written by Toutatis
Uraurishima is terrified of Yoko and is begging for mercy already. Yoko creates the Death Tree. "Each branch of the tree has a mouth, and each mouth of the branch has siliva that will melt your bones in under a minute. Though the pain will make every second feel like an eternity to you."-Yoko Ura says that it was Onji who gave them the items. But before the tree can have it's meal, Shishi Wakamaru throws his sword at Ura's neck and Ura is revealed as a lower class beast. "Always the weakest of the pawns."-Yoko :uncut version: Yoko tranforms back into the human Suichi. Next up to fight is Shishi and Kuwabara. They start fighting but Shishi is too fast. Kuwabara gets wrapped around in Shishi's cape of no return and is demensionally transported back to the Preliminaries Ring-of all the places...-_- :sorry Kuwa fans out there: Then I forget what happens after that.

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Episode Summary for Episode 47 - Legendary Bandit Yoko Kurama. Written by YU YU HAKUSHO LOVER/INUYASHA LOVER
O.k. so in the last episode Hiei begins to fight Kuromomutaro( What a stupid name) and it looks pretty grim. He can\'t attack the guy b/c it doesn\'t hurt him. CURSE THAT STUPID DEMON! So things are looking very grim 4 Hiei as he has no energy left. He\'s already tried the FISTS OF THE MORTAL FLAME (a new attack) and DOUBLE FISTS OF THE MORTAL FLAME (two new attacks) and niether worked. So here is my poor defensless hiei with no sword and no energy up against a giant bird/person! here is where it gets really interesting. Kuro transforms again and this time he is a WOLF! He punches Hiei a few times who realizes that he has no other way but to attempt the DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME (Hiei has used this only once b4 in the show against Zeru in the first round. It almost killed him then, and it will surely kill him if he attemps it now. (DON\'T DO IT HIEI! IF YOU DIE THERE\'S NO REASON TO WATCH THIS SHOW ANYMORE!) Kuro lunges at him for the final attack as Hiei picks up what\'s left of his sword saying, "Might as well." (NNNNNNNNNN00000000000000000!!!!!) He starts giving his strenght into the sword just as Kuro finally attacks. We see flashes of light, and then Kuro bites into Hiei\'s shoulder. *CMEO* (Cry My Eyes Out) Hiei looks really surprised, and then......HE SMILES! HE\'S O.K.! Kurama explains to Kuwabara that Hiei has won. Kuro was dead b4 he even touched Hiei. We are introduced a new attack of Hiei\'s SWORD OF THE DARKNESS FLAME! I don\'t want to spoil how that works, since I\'m so glad that Hiei\'s alright. hiei complains that he was reluctant to use this attack since it has no artistry (In other words, he is mocking the spirit sword, since the two attacks are basically the same [hehehe]). Next match, Kurama v.s. Yurayurishima! (A nother stupid name.) NOTE: if the last fight got you in tears, you may not want to read the rest if you care for Kurama too much! So, now it is Rosewhip against fishing line and Yurayurishima against Kurama. The two start off by whipping the two weapons against eachother. Then, being the lying, cheating, oops, almost gave it away..... Yura tellipathickly tells Kurama that he didn\'t want to be in the tournament, that he was forced so that his grandma could live. (RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) Kurama and Yura talk for a second, untill they agree that Kurama will pretend that he will kill Yura so his grandma can still be safe and yura can live. (NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! POOR KURAMA, HE IS SUCH A SAP!)So then yura stops fighting and Kurama prepares for the finishing blow. But wait, Yura dodges Kurama\'s atttack. he comes up behind him andhits him with the fishing line. Poor Kurama falls to the ground. (AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I HATE THAT EVIL SON OF A **** I WISH HE WOULD BURN IN POISONUS ACID, SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY UNTILL HE DIES!) All this time Yura has been lying and he has made a barrier around the ring. He takes out the IDDUN BOX which is a mystical weapon that turns the victim into a baby. Kurama goes back, back, back in age, back farther than Yura intended, I\'m sure. B/c now, instead of a baby, somehow, by a shrewd twist of fate,............. YOKO HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!THE END! (WHY DO I DO SUMMARIES FOR ALL THE EPISODES THAT HAVE CRAPPY ENDINGS!)

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