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Episode 46 - Many Faces, Many Forms Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 46 - Many Faces, Many Forms. Written by Toutatis
The episode starts off, continuing with the fight between Hiei and Kuro Momotaro. He has changed to the armor of the phonix and Hiei seemingly gets tossed aroung like a rag doll. When Kuro decides to change again it's the armor of the wolf. They both decide on using a "barbaric" attack-Kuro goes to bite Hiei but Hiei slices him with the Sword of the Darkness flame. Hiei transferred his energy into the remaining part of the sword and lured the darkness flame from there. Kurama stated that Kuro was dead even before his teeth sank in. Anyway, Kurama and Uraurishima get called up to the ring for their fight. Ura swings around his fishing rod and Kurama does the same with his rose whip. Their weapons clash and they fight. But Ura never seemed to be aiming for Kurama, he set up a force field around the ring. Kurama can't escape. Ura takes out a box out of his bag-the Idunn Box. "Whoever breathes its air excet the user will reform to their younger age."-Ura He opens the box and a think fog emerges from it. Kurama has no choice to breathe it in...and out of the fog...come Yoko Kurama.

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