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Episode 44 - Yusuke?s Final Test Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Yusuke?s Final Test. Written by ShinYoukai
In Yusuke\'s final test, he and Genkai enter a cavern for him to learn to control the powerful spirit energy. Back in the tournament, Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei are getting ready for a match. Hieie, I think, goes first, trying to beat this guy who can transform with fog bombs...if I remember correctly.... Now let\'s go back to Kurama, who\'s standing thre, sure that his buddy will beat up the thing. Anyway, Hieie eventually does with this mortal demon...whatever the name is. YUsuke eventually holds up all the spirit energy for a spirit wave thing because Poo appears and almost gets knocked out by a boulder falling from the ceiling, but he saves him. End!

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