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Episode 40 - Jin, the Wind Master Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 40 - Jin, the Wind Master. Written by Hiei
Okay so the show starts with all of the demans shouting yay Jin is ready to fight!And Jin leans and saids I did not really like that guy he stunk and he was a jerk and he has a strong i think scottish or irish so it turnes out Yusuke likes Jin as a good friend and i think Jin is cool.So they fight and then Yusuke charges at Jin but Jin flies up into the air easily missing the punch.And Kowinma saids that i want to be a wind master look into it and he saids and i can get free air!And Jin saids or thinks what a good ialand...And it will soon be mine!And he dives at Yusuke he flies and hits him after flying around a little bit then he goes on the ground and saids this is 1 of my favorite moves Tornado Fist!And the ep.ends.

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