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Episode 38 - Kurama?s Stand Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Kurama?s Stand. Written by Brianna Tisdale a.k.a Kurama\'s Girlfriend
It\'s the third match of the Dark Tournament and Team Urameshi is fighting Team Masho. A demon named Gama will fight the ever so sexy and valiant Kurama. Each member on Team Masho has an element that they are over. Gama is over make-up(though that\'s not really an element...). At first the battle is going well for Team Urameshi that is until Gama slaps on his make-up. His make-up increases his strenth but it doesn\'t seem like a problem for Kurama because he\'s such an excelent fighter. But once Gama paints the make-up on Kurama, it gets harder. This make-up makes it to where Kurama can\'t move. So Gama starts to beat him pretty bad. *sob* But then Kurama is able to manipulate his Rose Whip with his spirit energy, defeainf Gama in a bloody end. But Gama\'s blood splaters on Kurama and in his last breath, he tells Kurama the curse of his blood. Now Kurama\'s spirit energy is sealed inside of him and a new challenger revaels himself. Touya the Ice Master is Kurama\'s next opponent, and he\'s prepared to agvenge the death of his comerad. But of course the hot fox-demon is clever enough to get out of this mess.

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