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Episode 37 - Master of Disguise Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 37 - Master of Disguise. Written by ShinYoukai
The master of disguise, a blue demon with make-up power, challenges Kurama. Actually, Kurama offered to go first since Hiei and The Masked Fighter (Genkai) are traped in an electric cage. The blue dude draws theses black chains on Kurama\'s white shirt and he\'s weighed down with...2 tons, was it? Anyway, he manages to inch a little, but he\'s unable to dodge attacks properly. The make-up master blue dude starts cutting away at him with more make-up power and a paintbrush! Blood! Splatter! Kurama manages to use one of his plant attacks (forgot which) but the make-up master got slashed and his blood splattered all over Kurama. He said that his maek-up was made from his blood and then he died. Now, Kurama could hardly move with all the blood and chineses markings appeared ion his chest....uh-oh! What will happen to our favorite bishounen hero?

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