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Episode 19 - Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts. Written by AAH
This episode begins with Suzaku who transforms to 7 of himself.Then he begins to fight aginst Yusuke. His main attack is the deadly "Storm of Torment". Suzaku uses this attack as his main form of offince. In the real world Kayko and Boaton are still running from the school of zombie people. They corrner them in this room with no way out. So the two girls trick the zombies and escape running down the hallway. Yusuke stops fighting to look at this, Suzaku sees this as his chance to attack and does so emobilzing Yusuke and his 6 counterparts grab Yusuke. The main one begins to shock Yusuke with a powerful blast. Then he makes Yusuke watch Kayko on T.V. However when Kayko makes an escape and Yusuke gains hope. Then Yusuke gets shocked by all of the Suzaku\'s at the same time. Then Gen Kai\'s voice comes in his head and gives him the strenth to go on. Yusuke blasts all of the Suzaku\'s at once with 5 times his power and gets up. Now Yusuke is ready for the final battle with Suzaku.

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