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Episode 14 - The Beasts of Maze Castle Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 14 - The Beasts of Maze Castle. Written by Brianna Tisdale a.k.a Kurama\'s Girlfriend
Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, and Kuwabara all get passed the Gate of Betrayal in one piece. They now have to fight a stone monster named Genbu. Kurama bravely volinteres to fight. Genbu does not believe that Kurama can defeat him. Kurama decides to the Rose Whip. Kurama is able to chop him into pieces but Genbu uses that as an attack! He throws his stone bodyparts at Kurama, injuring him. *sob* Kurama got hurt. *sob* But using his brilliant intellect, Kurama was able to defeat Genbu!!! Yay! Kurama always comes through for the team!!! So Kurama and the rest move on to the next chamber. Wondering what lies ahead of them.

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - The Beasts of Maze Castle. Written by YU YU HAKUSHO LOVER/INUYASHA LOVER!
o.k., so Yusuke is trying to find these three artifacts for Koenma, they are the orb of baast, the forlorn hope, and the shadow sword. He got the first two back with a little help from Botan. He got the orb from Gouki, and the forlorn hope from Kurama:) and now he just has to get the shadow sword from Hiei:). This ep. starts out with Hiei and he is saying that he will kidnap Kieko in order to make Yusuke give him back the other two artifacts(hehehe) Then Yusuke is at school when his watch goes off and he senses Hiei is very near. He runs with Botan to find him, but no matter how far he runs, the watch still says one mile. Botan says that Hiei is leading Yusuke into a trap. Yusuke and Botan arrive at a warehouse where Hiei is controlling a bunch of human\'s minds. Yususke gives him the other two artifacts and he gives Kieko back (Yeah, As If!) Hiei cut Kieko with the shadow sword which turned her into a demon. Except Botan tries to save her. Once the jagan on her forehead opens, she will be a demon. So then Yusuke gets really mad and he challenges Hiei. They run around punching eachother for a minute untill Hiei says that the only way to save Kieko wuld be to get back the sword and pour the antidote in the jagan. So Yusuke tries to get back the sword and he fails and then Hiei transforms into his demon form (he looks like a green-skinned human with about fifty jagans everywhere on his body. He then fights Yusuke some more untill he prepares to kill him, and then he tries to stab him with the shadow sword. Just as it slmost hit Yusuke, (at which point I wonder what would happen to Botan? Would Hiei kill her? Yeah, probably, hehehe) so anyway, Yusuke\'s about to be hit when Kurama jumps in the way, and gets hit with the sword instead. (YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH! GGGGGOOOOOO KURAMA!) So then Hiei is about to kill Yusuke when he sees the forlorn hope in the corner. He shoots the rei gun (spirit gun) at it and it reflect off and hits Hiei. (AAAAALLLLLLRRRRIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTT! GGGGGGOOOOOOO YUSUKE) (poor Hiei, though) So Yusuke saved the day once again and everybody went home happy. Well, everybody except my poor Hiei that is. THE END!!!!!!

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