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Episode 13 - Yusuke vs. Rando 99 Attacks Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - Yusuke vs. Rando 99 Attacks. Written by Aoshi Mimiru Pyro
Kuwabara?s body lays broken. Shorin is nowhere to be found. And with Yusuke?s energy dwindling every minute, the evil Rando reveals his true and monstrous form. Now, can the injured Yusuke battle the human-hunting demon and close the case? How can he, when Rando has ninety-nine deadly techniques in his arsenal

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - Yusuke vs. Rando 99 Attacks. Written by YU YU HAKUSHO LOVER/INUYASHA LOVER
Well, at the beggining of this ep., Yusuke gets back from Genkai\'s place and he is describing what he went through to Kuwabara. He had to sleep w/ snakes and other wierd stuff (EEEEWWWWW) So anyway, Keiko and them go to see a movie when yusuke notices that they are being followed. He and Kuwabara leave Kieko at the theature and deal w/ the creeps. (This is the first time Ysuske uses the shot gun atttack.) Then Botan knocks out this creepy thing that Yusuke and Kuwabara were chasing. As it turns out, there is a city of ghosts and the rulers are the four saint beasts who have controll of the makai whislte witch infected the boys who were following Yusuke and Kuwabara (GOSH THIS IS WAY TOO CONFUSING 4 ME!) Anyway, so then Botan goes on to explain that the saint beasts want to get into the living world, and if Spirit world won\'t let them, then they\'ll infect all humans with the makai. So Yusuke\'s job is to sneak into the city of ghosts and destroy the whislte which controlls the makai and also destroy all 4 saint beasts. (WHEW! WHAT A MOUTHFULL) So Botan lets Kuwabara and Yusuke into the city where before they even get into the castle where the 4 saint beasts are, they are attacked by the FUGAKI. just as they are about to be eaten, two little orbs pop into the sky and scare away the fugaki. The orbs land in the tree and instead of two orbs, they become two people who quickly jumpto the ground. (Actually, they are one demon and one "human" [wink wink] BET YOU CAN\'T GUESS WHO! GUESS! GUESS! ALRIGHT ALREADY, I\'LL GIVE! GOSH, YOU PEOPLE ARE SLOW!) IT\'S KURAMA AND HIEI!!! (YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS! GO KURAMA! GO HIEI!) So then Yusuke introduces Kuwabara to Kurama and Hiei b/c he has no idea who they are. Then we learn that if they help w/ this mission, they get a clean record in Spirit World. Kuwabara saysd thanx but Hiei insists that they are not here to help, that they are "Babysitting" (Ha Ha! Take that Kuwabara!) So then Hiei announces he will get revenge on Yusuke. They begin to head into the castle where the saint beasts are. At the end of the corridor that leads into the castle, they meet a flying eyeball who flicks a switch which makes the cieling collapse on the four heroes. they all struggle to hold up the wieght while the eye explains that they are in the GATES OF BETRAYAL! If they all try to hold up the wieght together, they will soon be crushed. But, there would be enough time for one person the escape while the rest would be crushed by the wieght. Hiei announces that he won\'t die for the sake of the worthless humans (WELL AT LEAST TAKE KURAMA WITH YOU, SMART ONE!) Kurama tells him not to even think about it. THE END! (NO, REALLY, THAT\'S THE END. WHAT! NO, SERIOUSLY! WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON\'T BELIEVE ME! I SWEAR, IT IS ABOUT THE CRAPIEST END THOUGH!)

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