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NameKazuma Kuwabara
DescriptionKuwabara - One could say he is Yuskue\'s double. Kuwabara is also a fighter. Kuwabara, also isn\'t the brightest kid at Sarayashiki. Kuwabara though will stand up for his friends when he needs to. This is apparent when one of his buds is about to lose his job, for not getting good marks in school. Kuwabara says that he will do anything but hurt his friends, so his buddy can keep his job and support his mom, and the rest of his family. Kuwabara is to take a test and get a good grade. Kuwabara studies day in and day out for the test. The day of the test arrives, and Kuwabara studies on the way to school. Once the test is over, he was certain he had done good enough. One of the teachers that most students hate, erases one of Huwabara\'s test answers, giving a lower grade than he would have, if the answer was not erased. After some talk between that teacher and the principle, Kuwabara, gets a good enough grade, to help his buddy keep his job.

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