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NameYusuke Urameshi
DescriptionYuskue Urameshi - Yusuke is a 14 years old boy attending Sarayashiki Junior High. He lives at home with his drunken mother. Yuskue loves to getinto fights whenever possibly. Yuskue also seems to have a crush on and old friend of his, Keiko Yukimura. Though if asked if he really likes her, he\'ll deny it, no matter when you ask him or how many times you ask him. One day Yuskue is killed, while saving a little boy, though as it turns out, he got killed for nothing, as the boy would have survived thanks to the ball the boy was carrying at the time. Yuskue\'s feelings for Keiko show when, Keiko goes into Yuskue\'s burning house to save his body, so he can come back to life, he uses his spirit egg, Koenma, Ruler of the Spirit World gave him.

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