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Public Announcement - Posted by tomato on 2005-06-22
Screencaps for Episode 5 to 12 are up!
New Screencaps - Posted by tomato on 2005-05-22
Guys, the screencaps for episode 3, 4 and 93 are now uploaded!

Please give a big hug to your beloved new admin, Tri-Gon-Jin, for donating these screencaps. Good job, Tri-Gon-Jin! Stay tuned for more episode screencaps and lots of more Yu Yu Hakusho goodies!

Website Related Announcement - Posted by Tri-Gon-Jin on 2005-05-22
UPDATE (Episode Summary's, Spoilers, and Screencaps) I want to thank you all who have submitted your Episode Summary's and Spoilers to our site. I have reviewed them all and accecpted or rejected all the ones that were submitted to us. If yours was rejected it was probably because there was to many spelling errors or the episode summary/spoiler wasn't related to Yu Yu Hakusho. If you still want to contribute a summary or spoiler to us click on the Episode Summary above and choose an episode you want to add a summary to. And for the Episode Spoilers click on the Episode Spioler link above and click on "Submit new spoilers" on the right side of the page. I will be reviewing ones that are submitted to the site every week. Also I been working on screencaps for the site and posted episodes 2 and 57 on their and adding more later on.
Public Announcement - Posted by Kohaku2003 on 2011-04-20
Yu Yu Hakusho TCG out now! Wanna know more about the YYH TCG? Simply go to and you will be able to find everything you want to know about it, you can also download a demo deck.
Public Announcement - Posted by Kohaku2003 on 2011-04-03
FUNimation ahs recently released 1-2 new YYH DVD's, each with a chance to win around $1,000.00 go to for more details on this. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. Powered by BuzzV5. Affiliates
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